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Ghana:  You will be glad to learn that Neesim Schools were able to re-open earlier this year.  The Nutrition Centre had been relatively unaffected.

Pakistan:  Last year was very difficult and New Zoi was able to set up a food parcel distribution project to help those most in need.  Little Bethel has been affected by reduced funding due to Covid.


Burkina Faso:  Terror attacks continue.  Wakkil Alla School will soon be receiving students from the overspill of the state school.  The government will pay their fees which will be a great boost for the school.  A library has now been added to the school, but there is a need for a perimeter wall for security. 

Chad:  The media project is underway and has had a fantastic first quarter.  A new page is currently being created for this project within the Chad site.

South Sudan:  The farming year ended in March and it has been good; during the year Intec Services provided seed for 1,294 farmers, providing a food source for 7,764 men, women and children.


We are grateful to have received the following funds this year so far:

£5,000 towards Little Bethel running costs.

£3,000 plus another £6,000 for a medical project in Lebanon.  A new page will be set up soon with info on this project.

£5,000 towards Neesim School teacher salaries.

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