WASH Project

Project Focus:

Watersanitation and healthcare are three of the greatest needs facing communities in eastern Chad, which suffers from:

1. High infant mortality rate (124 per 1,000 live births);
2. Low life expectancy (51.6/48.6 year female/male);
3. Low rate of participation of girls in the primary schooling system (51.8%);
4. High malnutrition rates (30% of children suffering from chronic malnutrition).

PartnerAid wishes to respond to the critical needs in eastern Chad and is supporting this water, sanitation and hygiene project.  It is being implemented through our local partner in Chad which engages in humanitarian work with local communities and is ideally placed to meet this need.  Surveys and studies identfy the locations that would best be served by drilling new wells, and local committees are trained to monitor the ongoing use and condition of the wells.

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