Health: Dental Work


Burkina Faso has very little dental provision.  Private clinics exist, but are inaccessible to the poor.  In a country of high sugar consumption, little access to (or money for) toothbrushes and toothpaste, and almost no dental health education, dental caries and periodontal disease are rampant.  In primary schools we noted that about a third of children require dental intervention.  

APT has trained and supports two teams of local "Dental Auxilliaries", who travel to remote villages to provide emergency clinics and dental education to communities which would otherwise have no access to dental care.  Heading out on the dusty dirt roads, with a mobile dental chair, materials and instruments, the team sets up under a tree or shelter, where they offer quality treatment to all, sometimes seeing up to 50 patients in a day. 

"I note my agreement for you to continue your activities of dental extraction and education for the promotion of dental health in our district.  Please receive my profound gratitude."
Director of Health, April 2018

Financial Need: We need about £4,000/year to provide dental medicines and other resources.

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