Prison Support

Welding Workshop

For several years APT has been ministering to prisoners and supporting a variety of projects at the prison in town “K”.  At the start of 2018 a request came from the prison director for help in funding and setting up a workshop where prisoners could learn welding skills. 

The goal was to train prisoners; to equip them with a skill they can use when they leave in order to reduce the poverty which drives many to the minor theft that brought them to prison.

Setting up the equipment Store room and shelter

With the support of trusts and individuals, the funding was received.  Local pastor D, also a welder, helped identify what was needed, bought tools at a good price and made some of the equipment himself.  With additional help from local groups, there were funds remaining that enabled us to build a shelter in the prison where the workshop could take place, and a store for guarding the welding material.

This project was completed in March 2019, and a dedication ceremony was held.

The workshop is making a big difference to inmates, giving them useful activity both inside prison and outside when they leave.

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