Sewing Schools

Women's Skills Development

Young women who are working at brick factories, fields, and in bonded labour in homes, often become victims of rape, sexual harassment, and persecution in the society.  New Life Sewing Schools are Hope to those women. 

Our Sewing Centers are carefully matched with the needs of the community where we work to ensure women and girls are able to use their skills and get a job after completing their training.  The Sewing Centers offer classes in sewing, tailoring, and embroidery so women can make clothing, earning an income and providing a helpline for their families.  In this way, it empowers and rehabilitates the girls and women giving them the ability to live a respected life and feed their children by earning from these skills.

Altogether we have opened 21 sewing centers.  More than 580 girls and women have been trained and educated to set up small business through this project.  We have the vision to open sewing centers in other villages and rural areas to reach the un-reached and least reached groups of people.  Graduate girls are presented with a Diploma in Sewing skills after one year.  They are now trained to start their own business and able to support themselves and their children.

It takes GBP 800 to open one sewing school to give a better life to many girls/women and, as a result, their families as well.

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