Clean Water


Villagers benefit from a repaired water pump


In the northern-most, driest province in Burkina, many villages have poor water supply.  There is a need to drill new wells, but this is costly.  At the same time there are many pumps that are not working.  Some are broken and villages have no funds to repair them.  For others, the water table has dropped below the pump reach. 

APT has trained a partner in pump repair and he now also works at this part-time.  This meets a much-felt need at relatively little cost of £100-£300 per month.  He currently repairs up to 20 village pumps each year.  The need is vast, and time is limited by his other commitments.  APT provides at least 70% of the cost of the parts needed, and the village makes a contribution towards other costs.  He asks no payment for his work, but sometimes villages give him a financial gift to say "thank you".

“We are the beneficiaries of your help for us, especially in the repair of pumps in 9 villages around our town.  I am honoured to thank you, in the name of the municipal council, for these important actions, which come at the right time to bring relief to our people.”   Local Mayor, November 2017

Financial Need: We need about £4,000/year to provide parts for the pumps.


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