Grace Community School

Because of poverty, terrorism and corruption, the overall literacy rate has always been of huge concern, having one of the lowest literacy rates in the world accorging to UNESCO.  Families in rural areas are at a greater disadvantage, children often being prevented from being educated due to lack of resources, family pressure, or - in the case of girls - lack of understanding and value.

Punjab region is inhabited by 60% of the entire Pakistan population and education, for most children, is just a dream.  Punjab children are particularly vulnerable to various forms of abuse such as child labour, eg in textile factories, brick factories, cafes and auto work-shops; physically hard work and often under slave-like conditions.  Knowing that education can break this cycle of poverty, one of New Zoi's principal aims is
to provide a safe learning environment and 
quality education for as many children as possible. 

Curently 270 children are able to study at GCS.



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