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April 2022: an exciting development, after some considerable time in discussion.  Always having been the hope that one day the management of the School would be entirely in local hands, it is wonderful to report that GNBC Ghana has taken on the responsibility of running the School as of April 1st 2022.  Financial assistance and support will still be offered by Project Share until the end of May 2024.  We wish GNBC much joy and success in this new venture for them, and hope to see the School continue to flourish and succeed.

Neesim School aims to meet the educational needs of the three surrounding villages, and also to function as a model school for quality education in the district.  It has grown from being a Primary School to a full basic school up to Junior High!

The school now has 11 classes (Kindergarten 1 and 2, Primary 1 to 6 and Junior High 1 to 3), and almost 400 pupils.  There are 20 teaching staff and pupils from all religious backgrounds are welcome.  Each child at the school is able to attend for the minimal price of 80p per month.  It actually costs £5 per term (4 months) per child but this would be unaffordable.

Neesim School lays a strong focus on foundational skills for reading and maths, through teaching in the local language in the early years, developing resources, and enhancing all learning skills through play.  The School also tries to use different methods of discipline than the beating common in schools in Ghana.

Neesim School invests a lot into teacher training, providing both in-service training and access to formal distance-learning courses for the teaching staff.

Close management of the teaching staff means that simple things such as punctuality, attendance and lesson planning make Neesim School stand out from the other schools in the district.

From May 2015, the school’s library began to open outside school hours to offer opportunities to read and watch educational documentaries to both the school’s pupils and the wider community.  This has been a very valuable and popular resource.

Since September 2015, Neesim Junior High School has added a class each year, and the first JH3 class wrote their Basic Education Certificate Exams in June 2018.  The students consistently perform well in their exams each year.

To watch a video of Ganiu guiding you through a day at Neesim School, please
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