Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in West Africa.  It rates 181st out of 187 on the 2014 Human Development Index. PartnerAid supports three projects in Burkina Faso: Education and Clean Water in one of the least developed parts of the country; and Health in the central-north area.


The school was started in 2008 in temporary accommodation, and Acacia Partnership Trust (APT – the project which PA UK supports) has been helping build and run the school.  In 2017 the graduating class had a 95.8% pass rate confirming it as one of the top primary schools in the north of the country. Our vision is to offer “the best for the least”, giving the neediest children the best education in an attractive, secure and loving Christian environment.  APT has completed all building work at the primary school and are now in the process of building the secondary school.  APT will continue to support the running of the school to ensure that the poorest do not miss out through lack of resources.  This will cost about £5,000/year.

Clean Water: Well and Pump Repair

clean water

In the northern-most, driest province in Burkina, many villages have poor water supply. In 2008-9, APT ran a well-drilling project in several villages. However, this was costly and had a disappointing success rate. During this time, we noticed many pumps that were not working.  Some were broken and villages had no funds to repair them.  For others, the water table had dropped below the pump reach.  APT has trained a partner in pump repair and he now also works at this part-time.  This meets a much felt need at relatively little cost of £100 – £300 per month.  He currently repairs up to 15 village pumps each year.  The need is vast, and time is limited by his other commitments.  APT provides at least 75% of the cost of the parts needed, and the village makes a contribution towards other costs.  He asks no payment for his work, but sometimes villages give him a financial gift to say “thank you”.

 “In the context of your activities, you have brought saving help to the populations of these villages. By this letter, I have the honour of transmitting to you the sincere thanks of the municipal council and the beneficiary populations.”      Local Mayor, March 2014

Financial Need: We need about £3,000/year to provide parts for the pumps.

Health: Dental Work


Burkina Faso has very little dental provision.  Private clinics exist, but are inaccessible to the poor.  In a country of high sugar consumption, little access to (or money for) toothbrushes and toothpaste, and almost no dental health education, dental caries and periodontal disease are rampant.  In primary schools we noted that about a third of children require dental intervention.  In 2012, the project won the British Dentistry and Scottish Dental awards for ‘Best Community/Charity project’ for our dental work.  APT continues dental work around the villages, in the local prison, and for various groups. Villages: APT provides emergency clinics in remote villages to communities which would otherwise have no access to dental care.  Travelling out on the dusty dirt roads, with our mobile dental chair, materials and instruments, the team sets up under a tree or shelter where we offer free treatment to all.  We have a mobile dental unit to restore teeth, but the majority of work is simply ‘pulling teeth’ and the occasional surgical extraction.  We can see as many as 50 patients in a day.  While treating patients we also train assistants to provide dental health education and care to the village. Prison: the team works in local prisons treating both prisoners and guards.  Conditions in the prison are harsh, but the prison director is keen to improve them.  We have provided medicines and ‘care packs’ for needy prisoners, including toothbrushes and toothpaste.  We also encourage prisoners to make key-rings for sale, with profits used to buy medicines for the prison, including antibiotics and analgesics that UK patients take for granted.

“During their stay your dentist team served with devotion, selflessness, professionalism and has been an immeasurable support for the health of the prisoners and all the personnel of the Prison and Correctional Centre.”   Prison Director

Financial Need: We need about £3,000/year to provide dental,  medicines and other resources.